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At Firefly, we believe that LOSAP sponsors and their dedicated volunteers are best served when there is an independent actuary/administrator working directly with the municipality and supporting the other professionals that provide services in connection with the LOSAP. With this in mind, Firefly was created in 2019 and is comprised of a team that has a deep understanding of New York State LOSAP. We continue that mission to serve our local communities.

Anthony “Tony” Hill

As President, Tony is responsible for the overall management of Firefly and leads our administration and consulting services. He has been working on LOSAPs for over 20 years. His experience in all phases of plan administration and management has led to the development of new and innovative solutions for our clients.

As a trusted expert, he has delivered many presentations on LOSAP-related topics and has been sought out by state and local agencies for his insight on LOSAP. Tony is married with three children and lives in Castleton. He enjoys baseball (Let’s Go Mets!), cigars, and exploring all the culinary delights of New York State.

Craig Relyea, ASA, MAAA

Craig is a credentialed actuary and is responsible for the delivery and oversight of all actuarial services provided for Firefly clients. He has worked specifically on LOSAPs for 13 years. With a particular focus on Defined Benefit plans, he has a deep understanding of not only the actuarial needs of our clients, but how the administration of a LOSAP is tied to the actuarial computations.

After joining Firefly in 2020, Craig has been instrumental in developing new actuarial models, reporting, and marketing designs, all of which serve to benefit our clients. Craig is married with two children and lives in Clifton Park. He is an avid musician and plays golf and soccer when not busy being a dad.

While Tony and Craig are the forward-facing members of our team that you will likely see at your local firehouse or at a conference, we have an amazing group of professionals that all play a vital role in delivering our services.
Donna Armitstead

Donna has 16 years of experience in LOSAP, plus many more in pension administration throughout her career. She has strengths in all aspects of LOSAP administration, with concentrations in Defined Contribution plans and documents. She has a degree in actuarial science from the College of Insurance.

Lisa Leahey

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in LOSAP and has also been in pension administration her entire career. She is an expert in trust accounting, IRS tax forms, and Defined Contribution plans.

Tony Fiorillo, ASA, MAAA

Tony has been an actuary for over 30 years, with the last 18 specializing in LOSAP. He is a consulting actuary for Firefly and prepares and reviews our actuarial valuations for Defined Benefit plans.

Connie Tyrrell

Connie has a diverse background in administration and bookkeeping. She has her accounting certificate and is responsible for Firefly accounting and business administration.

So Why Firefly?

There is a vision behind the name Firefly. A firefly is about the size of a button, but it emits a bright light in the dark. Our goal is to work closely with local government sponsors to provide clear guidance and quality services that enlighten and educate. We want to make each client we work with a beacon that can attest to the good we can do for their community.

As our vision grows, so does our network and expertise. This results in an incredible cascade of communities helping communities, departments helping departments, local helping local. One firefly is beautiful, a field of fireflies is spectacular.